Excellent device synchronization for GPS Rollover

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What is a GPS Rollover?

In GPS, a notable event known as GPS week number rollover occurs. The number of weeks since January 6, 1980 is represented in the GPS system by a 10-bit week number. The week number can only represent numbers between 0 and 1023 because there are only 10 bits available, exactly 19.7 years (1024 weeks).

The problem occurs when this 10-bit week number is reset to 0 after reaching the value 1023. This is known as GPS Rollover. This can cause problems with GPS receivers that use the week number to accurately calculate the time and date. The time and date may be incorrect if a GPS receiver is not configured correctly for the rollover to occur.

Which products from MOBATIME are affected?

Affected from the GPS Rollover in fall 2025 are the following products:

GPS 4500 V1 (manufactured prior to 2014 or with old part number 201821.02)
Rollover date: 09/13/2025

GNSS 3000 (V1)
Rollover date: 12/21/2025

GNSS 3000 V2 (with a GNSS module older than V4.x, e.g. V3.1)
Rollover date: 12/21/2025
*For the GNSS 3000 V2, the customer needs to check, which GPS/GLONASS module version were installed:

Version Vl.x, V2.x and V3.x ➔ Rollover 12/21/2025 (approximately delivered until 2015)
Version V4.x or V5.x ➔ Rollover October 2030

*Note: The version of the module is printed on top of the receiver module itself.

What happens if I don't do the update for the GPS Rollover?

For products where the update has not been done, the wrong date may be displayed. This may result in inaccurate time information where it is indispensable (e.g. Finance and Trading, Telecom, Rail transport, Air Traffic etc.).

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