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Ideal Products for Hospitals & Healthcare.

With our timeservers / masterclocks you are able to synchronize all clocks and also your network throughout the infrastructure. If you want to synchronize all clocks and at the same time your network via NTP, we recommend the following product: e.g. DTS 4135, DTS 4132 or DTS 4801.

We offer a wide range of products for analogue and digital clocks. The high quality of our products offers you the security of purchasing a low-maintenance time display and avoiding follow-up investments. If you need ideal clocks for corridors, offices or waiting rooms, we recommend e.g. ECO-DC. ECO-M-DC, Trend or Flex. If you are looking for a clock in an operation theatre SLH-DC, ECO-SLH-DC or SLH-OP could be the right choice.

The infrastructure determines the solution. Since the complexity of your system may be different, it is possible that you will need other products. Our team will advise you on the choice of your product. Together we will look at your requirements and help you to create a suitable solution for your needs.