Company price "Prix SVC, Espace Mittelland 2017"

Moser-Baer AG was nominated by a specialist jury from 200 Swiss companies under the 6 finalists of the competition. What an honor for the company!



On March 8, 2017, the Prix SVC Espace Mittelland, organized by the Swiss Venture Club, was awarded.

For us, it was already a great honor to be selected as a finalist from a total of 200 nominated companies. We are especially proud of the fact that we finally made it to the top two of the six finalists.


We see this award as recognition for our company and as a confirmation of the company strategy of Moser-Baer AG. We look positively into the future and hope for many more successful years.



Left: Reto Reist, CEO Moser-Baer AG, 2nd Place

Middle: Daniel Heiniger, CEO Heiniger AG, Winner

Right: Ernst Kühni, Zimmerei Kühni AG, 3th Place


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We wish you all a happy easter and relaxing holidays!