MOBATime supports swiss traditions

Do you now one of our national sports "Schwingen" (style of folk wrestling")? If not, read below what exactly this sport is and what MOBATime has to do with it. Great pictures included!



"Schwingen" is a form of wrestling native to Switzerland. The two opponents, usually men though an increasing number of women now take part, make their way to a sawdust-covered ring. The aim is to throw the other wrestler on to his back through a series of holds and nifty footwork. The wrestlers wear special wrestling shorts over their trousers. These are made from coarse drill and fastened with a leather belt. Before the duel begins, each wrestler grabs the back of his opponent’s belt, only loosening his grip once the match is over. The winner is the wrestler who manages to throw his opponent down so that both shoulder blades or back are completely touching the ground. The best "Schwinger" are known as “Die Bösen” (bad guys) and command great respect from their opponents. Each match begins and ends with a handshake, and the rules dictate that the winner must always brush the sawdust from the loser’s back. What began life as a sporting pastime among farmers and herders and without any rules to speak off, would later spread to urban areas thanks to the emergence of athletics and gymnastics clubs. Before long, "Schwingen" became a popular national sport that was played far and wide. As the years went by, contests would be transformed from local events to major sporting festivals. In 2010, the Swiss Alpine Wrestling Association had over 50,000 members. That same year, some 200,000 visitors flocked to Frauenfeld to attend the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Games Festival.



Report and picture from: Lebendige Traditionen


So what has MOBATime do to with "Schwingen"?
We support the national sports of Switzerland. We had the opportunity to sponsor one of our clocks to a tournament which takes place in the "Emmental" (a popular region in Switzerland) near our headquarter in Sumiwald.




We wish all the athletes good look for the tournament.

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