DTS 4020.timebridge

The DTS 4020.timebridge serves as an interface between the IEEE1588 protocol (multicast slave clock / PTP slave) supplied across a packet network to traditional serial Time-of-Day (ToD), 1PPS, 10MHz and IRIG B signals or NTP client in a PTP / NTP network.

2 completely separated LAN ports
(2x RJ45):

  • synchronize to PTP on 1 port
    · 1- and 2-step slave
    · different profiles and domains
    · multicast/unicast
    · IPv4/IPv6/Layer 2
  • provide NTP on 2 ports
    (typically >10’000 requests/s on
    both 2 ports combined

Multi-purpose device due to the different
time code and frequency outputs:

  • 1x Time of Day
  • 2x pulse/frequency/IRIG output
  • 1x IRIG-B/10MHz sinus

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