MOBALine Switch Relays

The SWITCH channel relays KR 461 are additional functional units that can be controlled by the MOBALine system. These relay units with signaling and switching circuits are installed on a decentralized basis right on the spot where they are needed. An optical status indication facilitates checking.

Main function:

  • MOBALine synchronization
  • Easy programmable by using Switch Editor 3 or Switch Editor Basic (included in MOBA-NMS)

Inputs and power supply:

  • MOBALine


  • Switch relay to switch school bells, horns, illumination, doors, blinds, …
  • KR 461: 1 relay

Switching load:

  • 250 V, 150 W, 1250 VA


  • Manual test mode via toggle switch
  • week program for automatic switching:
    signal commands (1..90 sec.) or ON/OFF commands, up to 1000 commands and exceptions (holidays)