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How to perform the initial commissioning of a DTS device (without DHCP)?

Six YouTube videos are used to show how the initial commissioning of a DTS device (without DHCP) is carried out.
DTS 4128 Time Sever NTP

What is supplied by MOBATIME?

  • DTS device (e.g. DTS 4801.masterclock)
  • Rack mounting material
  • Terminal opener-tool

What do you need to be ready?

  • PC or Laptop
  • Switch
  • Serial cable (SUB.D9 pole, 0-modem (crossed))
  • USB Serial Adapter (only if you don’t have a serial input on your device)
  • Power cable
  • Network (LAN) cable

You need to download the following software:

Below you will find our six tutorial videos that will help you complete the initial installation.

  • 1. Identify PC COM Port
  • 2. Open PuTTY
  • 3. Configuration of DTS Menu IP in PuTTY
  • 4. Define PC/Laptop IP
  • 5. Add Single Device in MOBA-NMS
  • 6. Select synchronization source in MOBA-NMS