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Wi-Fi for digital clocks

indoor digital clock ECO DC with wifi icon

Our versatile indoor digital clocks DC, ECO-DC and ECO-M-DC can now be synchronized via Wi-Fi (2.4/5.0 GHz). Synchronize your time using your existing Wi-Fi signal. If you want to have less wiring, this would be the solution. Perfectly suited for offices, corridors or halls.

All these indoor clocks are managed, supervised and maintained using Mobatime Network Management System (MOBA-NMS).

How does the synchronization via Wi-Fi work?
We can synchronize your network with a time server or masterclock via NTP. Over Wi-Fi the clocks receive the time signal like any other device connected over Wi-Fi.

Can the accuracy of the time be guaranteed?
Yes, the accuracy of time is guaranteed, because the clocks are permanently connected to the NTP server through Wi-Fi.

How can I control the clocks?
With the help of the MOBA-NMS you can manage and control the clocks.

I am not familiar with synchronization via Wi-Fi, how can I be assisted?
The necessary information to handle the commissioning is available in instructions and operation manuals. On top our experts are available to answer your questions and support you during the initial installation and commissioning phase. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the subject matter and get to know the system through a training course on need basis.