Icon of the Seas - Equipped with MOBATIME products

The ship Icon of the seas in the sea by the shipbuilder Meyer in Turku.
Full view of the ship Icon of the Seas, set to sea in January 2024 and produced by shipbuilder Meyer in Turku. Source: Wikipedia

MOBATIME, a leading provider of time synchronization solutions, has established itself as a premier partner in the maritime industry. With a track record of excellence, MOBATIME continues to deliver innovative timing system solutions to enhance operational efficiency and passenger experience on board passenger ships worldwide.

Icon of the Seas by Meyer Turku

Icon of the Seas, one of the world's largest passenger ships, sought to upgrade its time display system to ensure precise synchronization across all vessel areas. With a commitment to excellence and a reputation for reliability, Meyer Turku entrusted MOBATIME with the task of providing state-of-the-art clock systems to meet their specific requirements.


MOBATIME collaborated closely with Meyer Turku to design and implement a comprehensive time synchronization solution tailored to their needs. Leveraging our maritime time system expertise, we deployed advanced slave clocks and master clocks strategically placed throughout the vessel to ensure uniform time distribution.

Installing high-quality analogue (FLEX & PROFILINE) and digital clocks (ECO-M-DK & DC.20) in key locations such as cabins, public areas, and crew rooms is crucial in optimizing time management on passenger ships. These strategically placed clocks ensure a consistent and accurate time display for passengers and crew members.

In addition to the decentralized clocks, a master clock (DTS 4801) is installed in the ship's command centre. This master clock serves as a central hub for time management and enables the automatic synchronization of all clocks on board.

In the command centre, the crew has the flexibility to set the time manually via an interface. This makes it possible to react to time zone changes that may occur during the voyage. However, out of consideration for the passengers and their booked activities, which take place at certain times, the time on the ship is adjusted manually if necessary.

MOBATIME allows for the management and adjustment of time via the computer's MOBA-NMS or the STC (Ship Time Panel). These flexible solutions allow the crew to efficiently control time management and ensure that the time on the ship meets the requirements and needs of the passengers.

The partnership between MOBATIME and Meyer Turku has led to the following results

Enhanced Passenger Experience:
Passengers on the Icon of the Seas now enjoy consistent and accurate time displays throughout the ship, ensuring they never miss a scheduled event or activity during their cruise. Whether it's dining reservations, entertainment shows, or shore excursions, the precise timekeeping provided by MOBATIME clocks enhances passengers' overall satisfaction and comfort throughout their journey. With reliable time displays in cabins, public areas, and recreational facilities, passengers can confidently plan and enjoy their cruise experience without worrying about missing important appointments or events. This seamless integration of time management contributes to a memorable and enjoyable voyage for all passengers aboard the Icon of the Seas.

Operational Efficiency:
Implementing MOBATIME's automated time synchronization system has significantly improved operational efficiency on board Icon of the Seas. By simplifying the process for adjusting time through MOBA-NMS or STC, the need for manual intervention has been reduced, allowing for seamless coordination across various departments. This flexibility enables swift changes to be made to the clocks on board, with adjustments possible within minutes.

Regulatory Compliance:
Icon of the Seas maintains compliance with maritime regulations and standards, enhancing safety and security on board. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, the sustainability of MOBATIME clocks contributes to long-term reliability. Designed to withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions, these clocks boast robust construction, ensuring years of dependable use while minimizing environmental impact.

✅ MOBATIME's successful collaboration with Icon of the Seas demonstrates our commitment to excellence and innovation in the maritime industry. As a trusted partner, we remain dedicated to delivering cutting-edge time synchronization solutions that optimize efficiency, reliability, and passenger satisfaction on passenger ships worldwide.